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SSSC – Technological investment is always a profitable one


(TN&MT) – In preparation for 4th Industrial Revolution, despite the top position on the market of color coating steel sheets, SSSC has continuously invested in technology to meet the diverse demand in applications and the target of top quality. It is SSSC’s policy to emphasize on technological investment that has become the lever to make the brand more popular with the domestic customers and honorably become one of 97 brands that win Vietnam Value 2018.

Established on June 22, 1995, SSSC was a joint venture of Vietnam Steel Corporation with Sumitomo Corporation (Japan). During that time, this was the first corporate that introduced the advanced technology to produce galvanized and pre-painted color steel sheets in coil into Vietnam.

After 23 years of operation in Vietnam, the sales of SSSC’s products in general and galvanized steel sheets in particular has continuously expanded in all over the country. Currently, there are 50 agents and distributors in provinces and cities from North to South. With outstanding quality, modern technology, SSSC’s products not only have solid position in the Vietnam market but can compete with similar products in the markets of neighboring countries.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, contractor of small construction projects, shared his opinion: “In comparison with steel sheets of other domestic brands, SSSC’s steel sheets have better color, quality and durability. They are easier to be processed for more beautiful finished products. In any construction projects where high standards of quality is required, we always prioritize in using SSSC’s steel sheets.

Mr. Le Viet, SSSC’s 1st Deputy General Director says: SSSC looks up to customers as our saviors, therefore, we always proceeds with cautious and serious steps on the basis of total compliance with the quality policy, continuously modernizing the technology, pioneering all advanced technology trends to satisfy our customers.

One milestone that marked SSSC’s progress is the investment in the great and effective lines on 20th anniversary including a continuous galvanizing line with the NOF technology and the capacity of 100,000 tpy; a continuous galvalume line with the NOF technology from Tenova (Italy) with the capacity of 170,000 tpy; 2 color coating lines with capacity of 140,000 tpy. With the total investment of VND 1,400 billion or USD USD 70 million, the new factory has increased SSSC’s capacity by three times since its operation.

SSSC honorably becomes one of 97 top brands in all over the country that win Vietnam Value 2018

Pioneering technology

On September 27, 2018, SSSC completed all procedures to receive the land of 6 ha with a lease period till February 2057 to continue investing in SSSC’s expansion.

This is one of the important targets for SSSC to achieve the aim of becoming one of the top suppliers of steel sheets in South East Asia into reality.

In order to develop sustainably, improve the competitiveness and especially to protect the customers in the blooming of technology, SSSC has applied 4th Industrial Revolution.

According to SSSC’s management board, SSSC plans to apply the barcode management to detect the origin of goods in production. When this is done, SSSC will be one of the first enterprises who succeed in the barcode management technology to detect origin in steel products.

The use of origin detector will help to deal with bad-quality or counterfeit products and to control the goods in a transparent way.

Simultaneously, it helps to restrain the quantity of bad-quality or counterfeit in the market and helps the customers to approach the most transparent and sufficient information system. The origin of products can be traced from the stages of material, manufacture, packing, transportation and distribution.

Especially, the use of barcodes is considered as the way to protect the prestige of the manufacturer as well as the benefits of the customers.