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Throughout the company’s 23 years of operation, besides the internal strength coming from the personnel’s efforts and will to progress, Southern Steel Sheet Co., Ltd.’s (SSSC) achievement mainly comes from generations of customers who have been persistently supporting and sharing the ups and downs with SSSC for the common development and success.

In order to express the gratitude to such sustainable longstanding companion as well as to make a connection between SSSC and the young generation of customers who would continue their parents’ business, SSSC organized the event “Meeting with the Future Leaders” at The Grand Ho Tram Strip, Ba Ria Vung Tau from Aug. 10 to 12, 2018.

During the three days, the “future leaders” had the opportunity to visit the advanced production line in SSSC’s factory in Nhon Trach, to join seminars, presentations and teambuilding activities at the resort. Thanks to this, the future leaders would have an overview of the steel industry in Vietnam, human resource management and corporate finance. They would gain more interest in their family business as well as enhance the cooperation and coordination between their own businesses with other fellows’.

With the knowledge accumulated and the new relationships built during the trip, it is highly hoped that the future leaders will have confidence in developing their enterprises and create a close and sustainable business network, who will continue the long-term companion with SSSC and prolong the common wealth.