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SSSC and the summit of Vietnam Value 2018


As the joint venture of Vietnam Steel Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) and FIW SDN., BHD (Malaysia), it is our pride that SSSC has achieved Vietnam Value 2018 for our products.

As SSSC is always aware of our small size, this achievement has brought many good emotions to us.

To become one of 97 brands in the whole nation that wins Vietnam Value 2018 is a great pride to SSSC. Actually, there is no success without effort. Since its establishment end of June 1995, SSSC has always taken serious and firm steps on the basis of absolute compliance with the quality policy, continuously modernizing the technology, pioneering almost all modern technological trends in the world. On 20th anniversary, SSSC started the investment in a modern chain of lines including a continuous galvanizing line with the NOF technology and the capacity of 100,000 tpy; a continuous galvalume line with the NOF technology from Tenova (Italy) with the capacity of 170,000 tpy; 2 color coating lines with capacity of 140,000 tpy. With the total investment of VND 1,400 billion or USD 70 million, the new factory has increased SSSC’s capacity by three times since its operation.

However, the thirst for SSSC’s steel sheets still remains in the market. Therefore, after confirming the leading position in the manufacture of steel sheets and satisfying even strict customers, on September 27, 2018, SSSC has finished all procedures to receive the 6-hectare land with land lease till February 2057 for the preparation of investment. The certainty, carefulness and seriousness in all of SSSC’s activities have created the trust in each customer once they start working with SSSC.

With the achievement of Vietnam Value 2018, SSSC has proved that the trust that customers have had in SSSC is always right. In the difficult circumstance of GI business with fierce competition in domestic and overseas markets, SSSC has grown and passed many bigger competitors to win. SSSC’s win has inspired and spread the love for Vietnamese products, a thirst the produce good-quality Vietnamese products to meet global standards to the corporate community in general and manufacturers of steel sheets in particular.